Mainitnons sa Amerika

"We are here for you and because of you"

~The Organization


MsA is a licensed non-profit, Public Benefit Organization in its entirety and have established its standard policy in State of California operating in Northern America and the Philippines, under the name, Mainitnons sa Amerika, Inc.[TM-SM]


Mainitnons sa Amerika Inc. is a 501(C)(3) TAX Exempt International Relief Nonprofit Organization operating in Northern America and the Philippines. In addition, MsA is also a FTB3500 Exempt in the State of California. Benefactors, Donors and Supporters can now declare a tax write-off for their charitable donations. MsA will give you receipt signed by the Chairman for all kinds of donations.

 Funding for this Organization is mainly come from Donors and Fundraising activities executed and produced by Roger Francisco. MsA has two main Fundraising Projects to generate Funding for the organization, namely; 

* BayArea Fashion Week [BAFW], and
* Designers & Models Fashion Guild USA [DMFG USA]
Both are Event Productions under the umbrella of Mainitnons sa Amerika, Inc. 

MsA Publicly Published

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 501(C)(3) TERMS, LIMITATIONS & LIABILITY [ by Roger Francisco ]

As Chairman sworn to be responsible and liable for all the 501(C)(3) TAX DEDUCTIBLE Transactions and Activities, I encourage all DONORS to read and understand the terms and procedures in filing the tax deductible donations. Elaborate information and guidelines can be found through these LINKS below:


Another responsibility as Chairman, is to make sure all DONORS have all the receipts or documents issued and reconcile in the IRS with the MsA record keeping. IRS will send copy to MsA the Tax Deduction Receipts information to verify validity. To make this effort less complicated, the Chairman of this organization will issue the acknowledgment receipt with serial number and duplicate for office file, duly verified and signed by the Chairman to make it official receipt. It is the duty of the DONOR to ask for the receipt for its own purposes.
MsA appreciates all kinds of donations and will send you a letter of appreciation or letter of acknowledgment for your DONATIONS.
Thank you for your warm support and generosity. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  


 Note: Currently, Funding for this Organization is mainly come from Donors and Fundraising activities executed and produced by:

Roger Francisco, CEO and Chairman

Mainitnon sa Amerika
189 West Santa Clara Street                                                                                                               
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