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DMFG USA Partnered with Ateneans USA

Posted on February 2, 2012 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

DMFG USA Partnered with Ateneans USA

[Ateneo De Manila University Alumni Association in the US]

Ateneo De Manila University


Febuary 2012

BayArea Fashion Week

By Roger Francisco


The Mainitnons sa Amerika, Inc. welcomes Ateneans USA [Ateneo De Manila-Philippines Alumni Association in the USA] through BayArea Fashion Week Production as the Co-Producer for one of the Fashion Show Events and Production for the Designers and Models Fashion Guild USA [DMFG USA] which shall be hosted by Chicago sometime soon this year after it will be launched in the Bay Area California.

The Formal Agreement was made and announced last January 29, 2012 in Chicago after my formal presentation attended by other Future co-Producers - Fundraiser Supporters and Non-Profit Organizations based in Chicago Land, namely; DAVAO-USA, BICOL -USA and PWC-Chicago.

Ateneans USA is an Alumni Association of the Ateneo De Manila, a University wellknown for its highest standards among other Universities in the Philippines by intellectual capacities in Business and in Philippines Law Making Body Careers.

My recent visit in Chicago was a great success in finding Resources campaigning to support the Structures and Programs of the Mainitnons sa Amerika, Inc. a 501(C)(3) International Relief and a Public Benefit Organization.


MsA New Adoptive Parents * New Board Members & Members

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MsA New Adoptive Parents - Adopt A School Child-Student Program

By Roger Francisco

During our recent campaign to support the New Program sending a child/student to a school sponsored by adoptive Parents based in the US, gained a positive reaction from MsA friends and supporters. MsA welcomes new Adoptive Parents and pledge to become part of our "Adopt A School Child/Student Program". Our sincere appreciation to these two outstanding individuals; Luc Constantine and Ranjit Pradhan . . Congratulations!


Luc J Constantine                     Ranjit Pradhan

HugoBoss Model-Paris       Wells Fargo Bank Global Financial Analyst

New Installed Board Members

MsA welcomes new installed Board members. We are very excited and looking forward to be working together for Humanitarian aid with our new talented Board members installed helping the Mainitnons sa Amerika.

] James Domalewski

] Bruce Nichols

] Doug Forsyth

] Stephen Mahabir

External Affairs

Hence, our global campaign continues, we get more attention from people who have passionate warm and spirited hearts willing to carry the torch of lights ready to make the world a better place and MsA is very proud to have Tyson Hargreaves [Film artist-Australia] and Luc Constantine [HugoBoss Model-Paris] and Brigette Schoeler [California] joining for a meaningful work helping us saving lives.


Tyson Hargreaves                            Luc Constantine

Brigette Schoeler

New Members

) Felomenita Hougsholm - Norway 
) Christine Stanake - Australia 
) Lulu Chato - Chicago
Check out new postings in our Calendar of Events:
MsA Calendar of Events


James Domalewski Adopting Children in Mainit-Philippines

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Adopt A School Child-Student Program

James Domalewski

This year, we are very excited to announce the new project called "Adopt a school child/student". With the help of our local coordinators in Mainit-Philippines, we will launch a High School scholarships for deserving students in Mainit-Philippines from very low income families a grant of up to P5000 per student yearly. [1styear to 4thyear] MsA will find adoptive parents in the US to support the program. Students from very low income families should qualify by writing an essay about himself/herself and send to MsA-USA. We have set up and organized the procedures to run this program smoothly. We wanted to congratulate Mr. James Domalewski as the first parent for adopting five(5) students beginning school year 2011. If you know some qualified deserving students, please contact and refer them to Grace Relliquete in Mainit-Philippines. To all adoptive parents, please contact MsA, USA for more details.

Posted 022811 by rogerfrancisco

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MsA Chairman's Message "MsA Terms & Policy"

Posted on February 21, 2011 at 7:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Chairman's Message

The New MsA Structure


     Click: Chairman's Audio/Video Blog

For more than two years now in operation, Mainitnons sa Amerika Incorporated being a recognized nonprofit, is a fully functional charitable organization. During the course of establishing the structures and foundation for a long term vision, this organization went through all the hurdles of overcoming the trivial and negative mentality from people who were supposed to help the organization grow, but instead, causing a lot of grief and unnecessary distractions inflicting their selfish personal issues affecting the hardworking, dedicated and passionate individuals working for this organization and the organization in general.

      Read: MsA Investigative Filed Reports

Enough is enough, we are not going to waste our precious time and resources entertaining unmindful event in our lives managing this organization. We moved on, and under the new structure of the Mainitnons sa Amerika Inc. as an International Relief 501(C)(3) Organization, we DO NOT limit ourselves getting support from a particular ethnic background but rather International. The MsA organization is a Public Benefit Corporation not relying on a specific group of people with specific ethnicity, but the General Public per se. What that means, MsA doesn't require to have members to continue operating as a Public Benefit charitable organization. However, we will tirelessly campaign for people to continue their positive support by becoming a member or a supporter. Under the new Terms of the MsA Policy, we opened the doors and welcome the dedicated and positive people from around the world to become part of our meaningful work and become passionately involved in a Humanitarian Aid, working with us to help alleviate the adversity in our local native town, Mainit - Philippines.

With the great success of our "Seattle 2010" and Fundraiser Event and the endorsements from influential US government officials, together with the charitable contributions of some US big corporations(Airline companies, John Robert Powers), truly made MsA a giant success. The launching of Msa in Mainit-Philippines, sending food and goods through our "Pasko sa MsA" program was a big emotional but

heartwarming success feeding starving families and children on Christmas Eve. The support we have from all kinds of media and television in the US nationally(Asian Journal, Balitang America-TFC, CreaTV and others), with our unique approach, proves to the world, that MsA can do it.

The year 2011, is a new beginning for bigger  dreams and bigger responsibility. Beginning this year, MsA will focus more on charitable work, using our creative approach, tapping our creative skills in finding GRANTS from US governmental support and affiliating with different Nonprofit Organizations and all kinds of International Aid Foundations and Institutions.

As a Charitable organization, MsA will still function as a cultural association but not focusing on cultural events but maybe some cultural Fundraiser Events. This year's lay out of program for MsA official events include;

     ] Charity Dinner with Sponsors

     ] Creative selling (books and novelty items)

     ] Georgette Beltran-Mongaya [CD for Charity]

     ] Productions (dinner/dance and show)

     ] Charitable Campaigns (International/public solicitation)

     ] Adopt a school child/student Program

     ] Food and goods Distribution

     ] Mainit - Philippines Tourism Campaign

Beginning last year, the MsA under the new structures, membership was opened to all positive and dedicated individuals not limited to just Mainitnon but all kinds of people supporting the MsA Program. A paid annual dues of $50 for an individual and $100 for a family, validate the membership and recognize the official charitable involvement for the Mainitnons sa Amerika Inc.

To become a legitimate participant/member for the MsA organization, please fill up a form to register and pay a continual dues every year.

Print this Form

Form 101 SanJoseCalifornia

Or submit the WeBform

WeB Membership Form

"Mainitnons sa Amerika is here for you and because of you"

Roger Francisco

Chairman-Mainitnons sa Amerika

1244 Permata Ct

San Jose, California 95116


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