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James Domalewski Adopting Children in Mainit-Philippines

Posted on February 28, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Adopt A School Child-Student Program

James Domalewski

This year, we are very excited to announce the new project called "Adopt a school child/student". With the help of our local coordinators in Mainit-Philippines, we will launch a High School scholarships for deserving students in Mainit-Philippines from very low income families a grant of up to P5000 per student yearly. [1styear to 4thyear] MsA will find adoptive parents in the US to support the program. Students from very low income families should qualify by writing an essay about himself/herself and send to MsA-USA. We have set up and organized the procedures to run this program smoothly. We wanted to congratulate Mr. James Domalewski as the first parent for adopting five(5) students beginning school year 2011. If you know some qualified deserving students, please contact and refer them to Grace Relliquete in Mainit-Philippines. To all adoptive parents, please contact MsA, USA for more details.

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