Mainitnons sa Amerika

"We are here for you and because of you"

~Georgette Mongaya-Beltran


Georgette Mongaya-Beltran

[International Song Artist]

By Roger Francisco


International Sensation Georgette Mongaya-Beltran has been traveling promoting her New CD Album "Prism" and Mainitnons sa Amerika is one of the luckiest Nonprofit Organizations to receive the proceeds of the sale. Georgette is helping the organization finding more support not only from the Filipino community but throughout the World.

We ask your kind support to buy her CD "PRISM" and help MsA.

Georgette qouted: "PRISM the CD wants to say to all that LOVE is the only logical route to our survival as a human race. LOVE IS OUR GREATEST POWER. Only LOVE can give rise to TRUE PEACE. In the final analysis, all other methods will fail. So, give your love".

Georgette Beltran is a composer, singer, choral director, & independent record producer.. She writes music intended to challenge and energize the world around her to higher consciousness. Thus, liberation from archaic methods and solutions to present issues is basic to her vision. The music album, P R I S M, is a CD of ten songs written, produced and mostly performed by Georgette Beltran. Literally, PRISM is a Love Song to the world. PRISM conveys that LOVE is the only logical route to our survival as a human race. This love album transcends racial , cultural, economic, and generational boundaries. It says: “ we’re all in this together”. We need the lesson and mastery of love.

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