Mainitnons sa Amerika

"We are here for you and because of you"

~Kiko House of Couture Fashion Show 2010


A Fashion Affair to Remember

By Melinda Dunn


The evening was perfect as soon as you stepped into the 12th floor Summit Ballroom of the Holiday Inn Hotel.Its setting of ambience was perfectly done with the right lighting, drapes in the ceiling with hanging lighted parasols, conducive for a relaxing and a romantic evening. I was so impressed of the details of the planning that it was suited for guests to experience a classy event like this.

The Fashion Show started with a pleasant surprising twist in the opening act that could right away put your breath on hold in a second to see all beautiful models in their angel wings coming out with the lighting effects like heaven on earth. This leads for you to understand that the fashion show is not just a show but an extraordinary entertainment Fashion Show. The beat of the music was perfectly arranged to put you at ease synchronizing the whole act, choreography and walk of the models. With such a unique choreography and Kiko Rodriguez’ designs bring out all the elements of elegance, sophistication, sanctity, romance and beauty as executed and presented in detailed by pristine looking models. From beginning to end of the fashion show you will be mesmerized and at the same time excited to hear the music following the beat that put your adrenaline from low to high and feeling wanted to be married or be married again watching the beautiful Bridal gown designs and the romantic Finale of the show.

To demonstrate the worthy cause of the event, MsA as an organization was presented in the middle of the show displaying inspiring messages to help and promote the organization. Collectibles and novelties were such an entertaining and delightful part showing Designs by Roger Francisco.

We asked the Producer-Director and Chairman of MsA, Roger Francisco whose behind the hard work of the entire event, how did he come up with such a unique Choreography? He simply smiled and said “Love and inspiration from someone special”. Whatever the mystery behind those words, we all agree the show touched our hearts and our souls.

Congratulations and we are looking forward for the next Annual Event and Production.

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~ Hear What They Say ~

 The show was a blast and it went smooth and all the models look fabulous. Sorry that I couldn't stay longer after, I know I missed a great time and some great pictures.If you ever do anythng like this again, please let me know.  It would be fun to work with you again and help a worthy cause.
All my best,

Regina Overton, JRP Model

~ ~ * ~ ~

Roger, thank you so much, The fashion show was an amazing experience, you are a great director! It was nice working with you!.

Yelena Mikshanskaya, JRP Model

~ ~ * ~ ~

 Thank you for your time and for working with us on this show.

Crystal Cornidez, JRP Model

~ ~ * ~ ~

 I know the Event was beyond what "the Girls and Boys" thought "it" would be! I was told some of the friends of the  Models became teary eyed. Because they loved the Show..

Sol-Mai Sundhagen, Director, John Robert Powers

~ ~ * ~ ~

I was holding my breath and always guessing what's next, as the show unfolds, it was a lot of pleasant surprises different from what I saw during rehearsal time. Roger can see a big picture out of little things.

Flora Nalam-Hall - MsA "Seattle 2010" Host

~ ~ * ~ ~

The display of Kiko's beautiful handiwork reminded us of the runways of New York, Paris & Milan with those statuesque beauties and handsome professional models from John Robert Powers with guest model Dean Popowski. Wow, Rog, being the producer of the show, you truly outdid yourself in bringing sophistication to our MsA existence!

Mila Paniamogan, MsA Board Member

~ ~ * ~ ~

I was there, practicing my piano selections at the 12th floor of Seatac Holiday Inn the afternoon of July 28, when Roger led the various beautiful and statuesque females and handsome male models walked up and down the ramp, in their individual grace, as they executed the particular expressions they were going to showcase. I saw how the handsome male models made moves to convincingly mesmerize the audience during the upcoming show. Roger, the producer of the show, demonstrated for them how he wanted the steps and moves presented, and everyone respectfully followed his leadership. I was there in awe when the Fashion Show finally wowed the crowd who were very lively and vibrant in their applause and feedback.

Georgette Beltran-Mongaya, International Song Artist

~ ~ * ~ ~

We sought stentorian and magniloquent prose only to realize that this occasion has it's own eloquence and Grandeur!

Zenaida Niere Quitlong, Mainitnon-Seattle, Washington

 ~ ~ * ~ ~

 Georgette Mongaya-Beltran
( Song Artist & Producer of the music cd, PRISM ) wrote:

I was quite impressed the way everything was masterfully organized including the executions of the programs and details of the set up. The MSA Fundraiser event was a great success under the very able leadership of the chairman, Roger Francisco, bringing Mainitnons recognizable and out in the open gaining great reputation locally and Globally.

I am very grateful to have been a part of this singular splendid celebration. Congratulations!

~ ~ * ~ ~

james94131 wrote on Aug 22, '10

I would like to get involved in your next production, I/m from New York but willing to help out and experience your strategies and set up in putting up a show, better yet, if you do a show/Fundraiser Event in Metro New York, please let me know, I can be a big HELP

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rosendo50 wrote on Aug 21, '10
Good show, what can i say; more than the best i experienced. its awesome!
~ ~ * ~ ~

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