Mainitnons sa Amerika

"We are here for you and because of you"

~Pasko sa MsA 2010


DECEMBER 2010 - Mainit SdN - Philippines

The year 2010 is right, MsA finally arrives in Mainit-Philippines to launch its initial step introducing Mainitnons sa Amerika for the first time by sending warm Christmas to deserving Mainitnons.

MsA officially establish and mark the Program by distributing Bags of Groceries to deserving Families and individuals in our local native town, Mainit. The MsA and its Board members would like to extend their kind and warm hearts by sharing with them the Joy of Living and the sentimental feeling of Christmas this year.

Kaiser Recabo Jr. and Grace Reliquette, MsA local Project coordinators are even more excited to host the Event and taking part in making the world better and celebrating Life.

MsA will continue to seek more avenues finding resources to support and continue a full pledge programs and structured projects in the coming years.

For Information:

MsA, Mainit-Philippines

Mainitnons sa Amerika
Reliquette's Residence
Mainit, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

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*Project Coordinators*

Roger Francisco
Phone: 1.408.768.5201
Flora Nalam-Hall
Phone: 1.253-394-3123

Grace Relliquete
Phone: +63.918.930.1903

Kaiser Recabo Jr.
Phone: +63.918.413.6863